Seattle was “Soccer” CRAZY 35 years ago TODAY!

25 Aug

The Seattle Sounders played probably the most historic soccer game in Seattle history 35 years ago today.

Thursday, August 25, 1977

The Sounders beat the Los Angeles Aztecs 1-nil in a North American Soccer League Pacific Division championship match. Seattle won the first game of the 2-game series in Los Angeles 3-1.

A massive and vocal throng of 56,256 turned up in the Kingdome to witness Jocky Scott’s header to the back of the net at the 13th-minute mark, giving the city of Seattle a reason to celebrate the controversial win and a chance to play in Soccer Bowl ‘77.

Why the word controversy?

Aztec Des Backos, at the 71st minute, booted a 16-yarder over Tony Chursky, Sounder goalie, that ricocheted off the crossbar and struck the Astroturf just inside the goal line and quickly bounced back into the crease and the ball was quickly covered up by Chursky. “I had a sneaking feeling it was in,” said Sounder Coach Jimmy Gabriel to the media. “I felt sorry for their coach.” Jimmy was smiling.

“I could see it went in before I saw the replay on the big screen. I even shouted “goal”. I thought it would bounce into the net, but it came out instead. It was a freak bounce,” said Backos.

The Sounders would lose Soccer Bowl ’77 to the New York Cosmos 2-1 three days later in front of 35,000 spectators at Civic Stadium in Portland, Ore.

More on that game next week.


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