OH BOY! – Three straight Seafair Wins For Steve David/Oh Boy! Oberto

6 Aug

Steve David, using perfect strategy during pre-race jockeying, nabbed the inside lane and went on to win the 62nd Albert Lee Cup @ Seafair on Sunday. His brilliantly timed move through the South Turn allowed him to hit the 1-minute buoy with speed making all the difference. He moved his Oh Boy! Oberto down to the inside buoy line while the boats raced in front of the log boom, getting ready for the 5-lap final.

David passed the Graham Trucking (Jimmy Shane driving) in the first lap of the 5-lap final and went on to post a decisive victory – making it three straight wins by the Oh Boy! Oberto/Madison, Indiana owned Race Team on Lake Washington.

The Oh Boy! Oberto joins a select group of boats to win Seafair at least three straight times.

Pay ’n Pak (1973-1975)

Atlas Van Lines (1977-1980)

Miss Budweiser (1998-2000)

Miss Budweiser (2002-2004)

Oh Boy! Oberto (2010-2012)

Steve David joins Bill Muncey (4 straight) and Dave Villwock (3 wins twice) as the only driver’s in Seafair history to win 3 straight Regattas.

Bill Muncey (1977-1980)

Dave Villwock (1998-2000)

Dave Villwock (2002-2004)

Steve David (2010-2012)


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