Columbia Cup qualifying – deja vu – 1. Dave Villwock. 2. Steve David.

27 Jul

Qualifying for the 2012 Lamb Weston Columbia Cup is complete.

And for an unprecedented fourth straight year Dave Villwock took top honors while his nemesis Steve David ended up second on the qualifying ladder.

2012 – Spirit of Qatar 96 159.645 mph / Oh Boy! Oberto 158.155 mph

2011 – Spirit of Qatar 160.892 mph / Oh Boy! Oberto 159.204 mph

2010 – Spirit of Qatar 163.579 mph / Oh Boy! Oberto 162.928 mph

2009 – Miss E-Lam Plus 163.223 mph / Oh Boy! Oberto 161.957 mph

Villwock has now been the top qualifier NINE years in a row. David has been second six times during that span.

Mitch Evans driving the U-3 piston-powered was the last driver besides Villwock to lead in qualifying on the Columbia River. sped around the 2  1/2-mile course in 160.915 mph. Villwock in the Miss Budweiser was second at 158.864.

Other non-Villwock Top Qualifiers

2002 – Nate Brown (Miss E-Lam Plus), 162.666 mph

2001 – Mike Hanson (Fiesta Bowl & Casino), 154.374 mph

1995 – Chip Hanauer (Miss Budweiser) 168.609 mph


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