Can Dave Villwock win another Gold Cup?

14 Jul

Dave Villwock, who has won the most races in the history of unlimited hydroplane racing, looks to win the Gold Cup Sunday on the Detroit River for the fifth time in succession.

Villwock was perfect on Saturday with two heat victories.

Here are some statistical nuggets leading into Sunday’s winner-take-all final.

MOST GOLD CUP WINS – Chip Hanauer 11, Villwock 9, Bill Muncey 8, Gar Wood 5, Dean Chenoweth 4, Ron Musson 3, Tom D’Eath 3, Lou Fageol 3, Caleb Bragg 3, George Reis 3.

CONSECUTIVE GOLD CUP VICTORIES – Hanauer (1982-1988) 7, Wood (1917-1921) 5, Villwock (2007-2011, no contest in 2008) 4, Bragg (1923-1925), Reis 3 (1933-1935), Ron Musson 3 (1963-1965), Bill Muncey 3 (1977-1979), Villwock (1996-1998).

Villwock’s 3 race Gold Cup streak ended in 1999 when Chip Hanauer won in the Miss PICO. Villwock won the 2000 Gold Cup.


Past 10 years

2012 – Spirit of Qatar 96, Villwock….162.904

2007 – Miss E-Lam Plus, Villwock….162.754

2010 – Spirit of Qatar, Villwock……..162.309


1992 – Miss Budweiser, Hanauer…..168.937


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