UW a lock for NCAA Tourney? History says YES!

6 Mar

The Huskies finished FIRST in the Pac-12 regular season with 14 wins.

The research says that every team that won at least 13 games in the Pac-10 regular season played in the Tournament.

A look back, starting in 1979 when the Pac-10 played their first season.

Record  teams/NCAA teams

17-1          7/7

16-2          8/8

15-3         17/17

14-4         14/15  (UCLA was on NCAA probation in 1982 when winning 14 games)

13-5         22/22

That makes 68/68!

It this stays true to form – UW, Cal and Oregon would get bids.

Cal had a chance to win 14 games in conference for the first time since the Pac-10 started in 1979. They lost to Stanford and ended up at 13 for the fourth time.

USC won just ONE game in conference play. The Trojans old record (since 1979) was TWO twice. USC has now finished last/tied last in the Pac-10/Pac-12 seven times. They now trail WSU by THREE as the Cougs ended up at the bottom 10 times.


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